Lash and Brow Treatment | Brow Tint Burleson TX

Brow Tint Burleson Texas

Are brow tints subtle enough to make brows look gorgeous without microneedling?  Yes!  Tinting brows could be the perfect solution for you. Brow tinting is a process where semi-permanent dye is smoothed over your brows to color and define your natural arches.

The process takes about ten to fifteen minutes and may last up to 6 weeks. Your technician will mix the dye to get your exact color. and apply it expertly with no muss or fuss.

Lash and Brow Treatment | Brow Lamination Burleson TX

Brow Lamination Burleson Texas

Unhappy with the shape and fullness of your brows? Brow lamination is a microblading alternative to fill in gaps and provide the illusion of fullness and growth. Brow lamination is fast and noninvasive, and you will walk out of the spa with gorgeous brows.

Brow lamination takes your thinning brow hairs and smooths them out as it lifts the brow in a more vertical direction. This treatment hides small gaps, gives you an incredible brow lift and a more uniform shape. Setting lotion helps brow hairs stay brushed and lifted for about six weeks. You will wake up every morning with fuller and bolder brows in a gorgeous shape. Brow lamination starts with a lifting cream painted onto your brows, creating a chemical process breaking down the bonds in each brow hair.

This allows the brows to be moved into a new shape. The brow hairs are then bushed up into place, and a neutralizer is applied. The neutralizer reforms the bonds into a new shape. A nourishing gel is added to your brows to replenish any moisture lost in the treatment process.

Lash and Brow Treatment | Lash Tint Burleson TX

Lash Tint Burleson Texas

Want a lasting pop of color that brings lights up your lashes? Eyelash tint will give you a pretty pop of color that lasts up to six weeks. No more mascara, just fuller-looking lashes that make it easy to run out the door without makeup.

We use natural dyes to make your lashes shine. Our lash dyes are plant and vegetable-based, gentle, and created for use on eyelashes. Our technicians are specialists who use every precaution to keep your eyes safe during the tinting process. Our goal is to keep your health and beauty in good hands.

Think of it! Your morning preparation time could be half what it is now with gorgeous, tinted lashes. A look that is beautiful, natural, and carefree can be yours with lash tinting.

Lash and Brow Treatment | Lash Lift Burleson TX

Lash Lift Burleson Texas

You use all the mascaras advertised to lift your lashes, but sometimes lashes just need an extra boost.

Try a lash lift. this painless process curls and lifts your lashes. If you are looking to save time off your morning routines, lash lifts would be perfect. 

Lash lifts curls your lashes from the tip to the base. The treatment enhances the full length. Your lashes have a natural shape, and a lash life will alter your shape to make them longer, curlier, and beautiful. 

Lash lift uses a tiny curling rod and lifting solution. The treatment is not scary, but chemicals are involved. Treatment should always be done by a certified professional.

Treatment will begin with a consultation to determine what lash style you want. Your professional then chooses the curling rods and size to shape your lashes. Your eye areas will be cleansed, and a silicone rod is placed onto your eyelids.

The natural lashes are curled over the rod and attached to the rod with an adhesive. This adhesive sets the lashes. Once everything is exactly right, a lifting gel is applied to allow the lashes to mold around the rod. A settling lotion is then used to set the shape. It takes about 45-60 minutes.

Your result? Gorgeous lashes that last four to six weeks, depending on how fast your lashes grow. Avoid mascara for at least 48 hours after the treatment, and don’t’ touch your lashes for a full day after treatment. Don’t let water or makeup come in contact with your lashes for 24 hours while the lift sets into shape.

We do recommend lash oil to keep your lashes nourished and conditioned.

Lash and Brow Treatment | Facial Waxing Burleson TX

Facial Waxing Burleson Texas

Have facial hair that makes you crazy? Don’t fret! Facial waxing procedures give you a smoother and softer look. Facials waxing is popular and easy. First, a professional therapist heats the wax and using a knife or spatula, and the warm wax is spread across the desired area for removal. A fabric strip is laid on top of the wax and passed down.

Wax adheres to hairs on your face. The wax is then pulled away from your hair follicles in the opposite way from hair growth. As your professional remove the wax, the hair is directly pulled from the root, and hair regrowth is significantly delayed.

Professionals are taught to offer waxing for the entire face including the upper lip, chin, cheeks, eyebrows, and sides of your face.

Before the treatment, stop shaving or plucking the area, and don’t use acid products or skin peels. Moisturize your skin the night before, and make sure your face is as free of cuts and blemishes as possible. Try not to over-exfoliate. Exfoliation could aggravate the skin and make it sensitive to waxing treatments.

On the day of your appointment, avoid sun exposure, cleanse your skin normally, and avoid creams and makeup.

Waxing is a precise technique and is accurate even when waxing eyebrows. Waxing is more effective than any other method of removing dead skin cells and fine hairs. The result tends to last between two to six weeks.

A great point about waxing, it can stop pesky hairs from growing back after long-term treatment. Each treatment causes a little damage to be done to hair follicles. Over time this may cause extraordinarily little or no hair regrowth.

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