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LED Phototherapy for Skin: A Brief Guide

LED Phototherapy is the secret to beautiful and glowing skin. LED or light-emitting diode therapy is a non-invasive skin treatment that helps relieve sun damage, acne, wounds, and other skin complications. LED Phototherapy uses different wavelengths of light to spark the skin’s normal healing processes. Here is a brief guide about this remarkable procedure. What…

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Do Lash Lifts Ruin Eyelashes? Facts and FAQs

Lash lifts have now become one of the trendiest and most in-demand procedures in eyelash beautification. It has revolutionized the traditional techniques in perming. Even with this innovation in aesthetics, the million-dollar question remains: do lash lifts ruin eyelashes? Before you dive into this popular trend, we will give you all there is to know…

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Is Dermaplaning A Good Way To Keep My Skin Smooth?

Daily activities, sun exposure, other external factors, and aging can make our facial skin look dull and old. Dermaplaning is a reliable yet inexpensive way to attain a smooth, even-toned, balanced-textured, and youthful skin. With Dermaplaning, you don’t have to go through an invasive, ablative, or surgical procedure to attain smooth and young-looking skin. Dermaplaning…

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