Fotona 4D Laser Facelift Burleson, TX

The Fotona4D is a cutting-edge, non-invasive treatment to combat aging. It combines four different procedures to tighten the skin, reduce pores, soften wrinkles, plumps, and improve skin texture and tone, and gives you a smoother finish. It works deep in the layers of the skin to bring you maximum and natural results.

There are four different modes of treatment, including Smooth®, Frac3®, Piano®, and Superficial®. All treatments work deep into the layers of the skin and at the same time treat various skin imperfections.

Fotona4D Facelift enables collagen renewal and delivers tighter and younger-looking skin and reduced wrinkles. Results are long-lasting, and there is no downtime, surgery, or injectables.

Fractional Ablative Resurfacing Acne Revision

Fontana’s Er:YAG laser wavelength can remove problematic acne scars. This laser is perfect for gentle ablative scar revision. In addition, laser heat and light safety provide the minimal penetration depth required to resurrect acne-scarred skin. Laser energy will improve skin texture and tone. Don’t try chemical peels or dermabrasion. Laser skin resurfacing allows the healing of skin to be precisely controlled. The laser vaporizes micron-thin layers of acne-scarred skin to bring back healthy skin. Laser resurfacing and revision is simple, safe, and fast.

Laser Hair Reduction

Banish your unwanted hair with laser hair removal treatments. Using top-of-the-line and cutting-edge lasers, we can remove hair quickly and efficiently with results that last forever.

Any part of the body can be enhanced by laser hair reduction. Ask for a consult on what type of laser hair reduction is best for you.

Removal of Pigmented Lesions

Pigmented lesions are usually benign, and they are very common. The Q-Switch lasers are the perfect tools for removing benign pigmented lesions that make your skin look damaged. Multi-wavelength Q-Switch laser systems can produce short pulses of intense light absorbed by the pigment in a lesion. Lasers can treat lesions from moles to vascular lesions, plus sunspots and melasma. The superficial lesion can be treated very effectively with the 532 nm wavelength, leaving your skin undamaged.

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Laser Scar Revision

Laser scar revision is minimally invasive and well-tolerated by patients. Using laser technology, Er:YAG skin resurfacing can gently ablate scar tissue and trigger active collagen remodeling. Active scars are very responsive to ER:YAG laser treatments, and further use of the Nd:YAG wavelength gives you further improvement in the tissue quality of your scars.

Fontana’s dual-wavelength scar revision therapy is part of single but thorough scar treatment, and immediate results can be seen. Dual-wavelength scar treatment therapies give you a highly effective solution that addresses a scar’s aesthetic appearance and resolves confounding factors within the scars’ vascular system.

Laser Treatment of Active Acne

The perfect solution to acne problems is the Nd:YAG laser, which is precisely controlled and allows laser light to penetrate the skin and safely target overactive sebaceous glands. Nd:YAG laser light reduces the risk of developing new acne inflammation.

Fontana offers a complete laser system based on gentle and precise skin resurfacing. The ER:YAG laser beam can be absorbed by mico-layers of the skin to vaporize scarred tissues and trigger the production of new collagen.

Laser treatment reduces acne inflammation via photoselective absorption and controlled heating. Fontana’s high-powered Nd:YAG laser penetrates the skin to give optimal thermal treatment to destroy overactive sebaceous glands. Additionally, the healing process is accelerated, and collagen is stimulated.

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Laser Treatment of Dilated Pores

The use of intense pulsed light (ILP) may reduce the appearance of pores. Light pulses are used to stimulate collagen production, evening out the skin tone, and reduce hyperpigmentation. The IPL procedure improves the texture and firmness of the skin, making pores less visible. Despite the short procedure time and relatively gentle nature, little to no downtime is needed after the procedure. You can maintain healthy skin after IPL by following a well-rounded at-home skincare routine and considering regular non-invasive, in-office treatments. If you are searching for a more permanent solution to reduce the appearance of pores, laser therapy may be a better option.

Laser Services | LipLase™ in Burleson, TX


Using Fontona SMOOTH® modality Er: YAG laser provides you with an immediate response to plumper and fuller lips. LipLase™ treatment is non-invasive, and there are no chemicals used. Patients start to develop collagen after the first treatment. With LipLase™, you will experience:

  • Fuller and smoother lips.
  • Stimulates collagen remodeling.
  • Initiates new collagen synthesis.
  • No needles, no downtime, and no pain.

Is LipLase™ safe?

LipLase is specifically designed with technology that allows safe and precise controlled laser pulses to the treatment area. Temperatures are limited to the targeted area only, and no unnecessary energy is deposited into the skin.

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Melasma Treatment

The FDA has approved fractional 1550/1540 nm non-ablative laser therapy to treat melasma. Pre-treatment with hydroquinone for 4 to 6 weeks before laser therapy is recommended to minimize the chances of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Treatment sessions are usually done at 2-week intervals for a total of 4-6 sessions. Improvement is usually noted after three sessions. The procedure is safe, well-tolerated, and patients are satisfied with treatment results. The treatment is also known as the ‘fractional photo thermolysis’ treatment, in which the laser breaks down melanin pigment in the skin. The laser also helps to stimulate collagen production, which helps to improve the appearance of wrinkles and skin texture.

Fractional laser therapy also effectively treats other types of pigmentation, such as solar lentigines, age spots, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Treatment results are usually long-lasting, provided that sunscreen is used regularly.

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Port Wine Stains

A port-wine stain, also referred to as nevus flammeus or a port-wine birthmark, is a red to blue skin discoloration that turns darker over time. Discoloration of the skin is caused by tiny capillaries (small blood vessels) malformed within the area.

Laser therapy produces a burst of intense light that targets abnormal tissue while leaving healthy tissue intact. Pulsed dye lasers are the treatment most commonly used to treat port-wine stains. The laser produces short pulses of light that destroy the tiny blood vessels in the port-wine stain area with heat and damage. Short pulses produce less heat, which reduces injury to healthy tissues surrounding the port wine stain. Port-wine stains usually require multiple treatments to attain maximum lightening.

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Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

A darkening of the skin in certain areas characterizes a condition known as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation after an inflammatory condition has healed. Typically, these patches appear following an inflammatory condition such as a burn, infection, acne, dermatitis, or another aesthetic procedure. Hyperpigmentation returns to normal in mild cases, but in severe cases, it requires treatment. Using laser treatments in conjunction with the appropriate skincare can also be effective if post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation persists for more than three months or if there is an urgent need to clear the skin. Laser treatments could effectively remove the damaged skin and allow it to regenerate.

In order to diagnose post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, a skin examination and medical history are necessary. We may recommend a biopsy. A high-quality sunscreen reduces the risk of hyperpigmentation darkening further.

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Rosacea Treatment

Lasers effectively treat persistent rosacea, facial redness, and visible blood vessels. Lasers emit powerful wavelengths of light that target and destroy blood vessels. The blood vessel walls are burned and sealed in this process, ensuring that the surrounding tissue is not damaged. Blood vessels may disappear, but new ones can appear in the future. It may take between 2-4 treatments to see the best results. Treatments are typically spaced about four weeks apart.

Lasers come in many types, but only a few are ideal for treating blood vessels and redness. At Belle Visage, we specialize in laser treatments for all skin types, ensuring optimal results while reducing the risk of undesirable side effects such as burning and discoloration.


SmoothEye is a non-ablative mode treatment for tightening the periocular region plus reduces wrinkles around the eyes. The non-ablative Er:YAG SMOOTH® mode is used to trigger collagen remodeling and contraction. The periocular region, including areas above, below, and lateral to the eye, are treated. There is little discomfort and slight downtime with SmoothEye.

Precise temperature deposition with gentle “feather-like” non-ablative mode is delivered in a sub-second long pulse cycle, preventing temperature build-up. Gives you homogeneous heating in several micrometers of tissue.

Ideal for skin tightening, triggering collagen remodeling, and initiating neocollagenesis. As a result, you will see improvement in wrinkles, elasticity, and laxity in the treatment area.

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